Project Stories

TEchnology Service Provider

A Non-Profit tech company found out they were exceeding storage capacity.


Set Up to Scale

As a result of the approval and implementation of the full records management program, the organization has begun conducting their first internal audit and disposition of any non-records.  Further, this client has allocated resources for records management directives and now has a solid working knowledge of what needs to happen for their records as well as non-records.


Full Records Management Program


As a service provider to public health organizations, the client needed to address records management for the first time in their history.  They found that their systems were at or exceeding capacity, because they had never disposed of any information.  They wanted to find a better way to manage the information they needed for their business.


We conducted interviews with all functional teams and the leadership team of the organization.  A full records management program that included a policy, a retention schedule and training of all staff was provided.