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Inventories, Archiving, SharePoint Records Center Development, Taxonomies/File Plans, Technology Deployment, Digital File Migrations, Staff Management, Project Management, Imaging/Digitization

Records Management Programs

Records Management Policy and Retention Schedule Development, Enterprise Content Management Strategy Development, Email Management Policies, ISMS Framework Deployment, eDiscovery Process Development for Litigation Preparedness



Risk Assessments, Legal Hold Process, ISO 27001 Audit Responses, Electronic and Physical Records Inventory Analysis


Our 5 Step Process

1. Draft Questions

2. Conduct Interviews

3. Identify Business requirements


4. Legal & Compliance Review

5. Report Findings

More on the 5 Steps…

  1. To begin the project, CRMIG will prepare records retention questions that will also include questions regarding past-experience with litigation/audits or investigations, and other pertinent questions to aid in the identification of current practices and possible records management concerns.
  2. To help drive internal support for the project, CRMIG proposes that the project owner distribute the questionnaire before the interviews take place.   It is recommended that the completed questionnaires are returned to CRMIG for review.
  3. As part of the business requirements review step, CRMIG will compile the findings from the questionnaire, and schedule 30-45-minute conference calls with all the Leadership Team representatives from the identified functional areas. It is important that all participants attend the call.  As best practice, CRMIG recommends finding all the business requirement prior to determining the legal requirements.  Once all the conference calls have been completed, CRMIG will aggregate all the findings and begin the legal review.
  4. The legal and compliance review will include the following:
    • Any current HIPAA, Privacy, or related policies,
    • Organization charts,
    • Any current Business Impact Assessment/Disaster Recovery assessment,
    • all US Federal records retention statutes,
    • all state statutes identified as part of the project,
  5. Once the business and legal reviews are completed, CRMIG will provide an overall assessment, recommendation and report that includes the following:
    • Analyses of current business practices relating to lifecycle management.
    • Detailed description of systems currently in use to create/store records.
    • Technical details relating to the volume, format, rate of growth (storage capacity) of electronic records.
    • Practices and potential issues relating to security, access and use of records.
    • An assessment of how current practices comply with the organization’s retention/disposition requirements.
    • Identify what is working well and where opportunities exist for improvement based on best practices and standards (GARP/ANSI/AIIM).
    • Training recommendations for staff regarding Records Management best practices and policy compliance.
    • Annual review of GARP goals.

From our Clients

Cheryl has extensive knowledge in the records management area. I wouldn’t consult with anyone else.

Cheryl provided 3Points with valuable insights into managing our records electronically, and assisted with the conversion of the materials as well. This was an important project that we would not have completed without her skills, and dedication to the end goal.

After researching records management companies for a couple years, CRMIG was our clear choice. CRMIG gave us an affordable option when there was none, and got us up and running very quickly. Unlike many other companies we came across, CRMIG was able to completely customize our management program to our needs. If anyone is looking for a records management company I strongly suggest CRMIG.

Cheryl is very helpful and determined to help get things done correct and as quick as possible. Enjoyed working with her.

From Cheryl

Making good policies and procedures.

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